So Much More than Promotional Products

Red Poppy is here to support schools and communities to promote events and activities that focus on community projects.  We understand the Education sector with its busy school environments, tight deadlines and budgets. We supply great value for money, good quality promotional products because we have long established relationships with suppliers that have been in the industry for decades. We also focus our business on supporting the Not for Profit sector. Merchandise is an easy way to raise money for projects. In addition, we can provide organisations with individualised on line shops which can be rented for a small monthly fee based on a 12 month subscription. We can assist every step of the way to achieve great community outcomes.

In schools, our Grow Programme provides a teaching resource. It sits with formal qualifications, Retail and Business Courses and skills for Work Programmes. The programme integrates the manufacture of merchandise to a fully supervised E commerce micro business model. As part of this programme, there is an opportunity for students to also showcase their activities via their individual school shops and our online art gallery. Importantly, the Grow Programme has the ability to keep abreast of the latest in software to educate students to be job ready to enter the contemporary work force.








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… much more than promotional products

Red Poppy brings together and calls upon the expertise of dynamic team of passionate and talented professionals with a wealth of experience in all facets of running a business. Our team includes, business owners, school marketers, marketing experts, a graphic designer, business mentors, HR consultants , IT consultants and a myriad of organisations in the not for profit sector and education systems, all of whom have sprinkled their magic to inspire Red Poppy to seed and flourish for the benefit of communities. In essence we believe when individuals work collaboratively great community outcomes can be achieved at the same time that student learn how business works and the benefits of mindful approach.

With this in mind, Red Poppy established The Grow Programme which provides students with E commerce skills. Students operate their micro business in a teacher supervised environment. From design right through to after sale service, students learn all aspects of business and state of the art E commerce skills.

In addition, teachers can interact online with other teachers to exchange ideas and share student outcomes throughout the 34 week comprehensive programme. They can also access a centralised resource centre. The Grow Programme aligns with three formal qualifications and includes a mentoring programme to support students to move from education to the workforce with real job ready skills. Students participating in the Grow Programme can be credited with their Grow Programme hours to their work experience obligations.
Our mission in Primary schools is for students to begin to understand mindfulness when it comes to being a consumer and the choices we make every day. The programme is supported by Grow Fun Fact Products which can be incorporated into classroom learning and sold by Parents and Friends to fundraise for Community Projects. Older students can incorporate the sustainability products and run an E commerce micro business at their level of confidence.

For school administration staff, access to our comprehensive catalogues of promotional products means that we can provide promotional products to support events and open days. We understand that promotion and marketing are not at the top of the priority list, nor should they be. Red Poppy is all about taking the pressure off the purchase of promotional items for individual schools and the Education Department. We know that budgets are tight and deadlines can come up quickly. Fast turn- around is what we do. When you request your quote – let us know your deadline and we do everything on our power to make it happen make it happen.

Merchandise is an easy way to raise money for the not for profit sector. No staff required to handle sales and profit margins are healthy. We provide organisations with merchandise for promotions plus the option of individualised on line shops for a small monthly fee ( terms and conditions apply). We understand that the Not for Profit Sector is often short on staff and always seeking ways to increase revenue for community projects.

We are on the eve of launching our own range of Red Poppy branded products which will be available online soon. We set out to redirect profits from every day items back into communities rather than going to multi national corporations where profits end up overseas – a long way from local communities. We have provided schools and not for profits with a means to make this happen, to get great results for community projects whilst education students about how business works.

We are looking forward to seeing The Grow Programme flourish in schools and communities, especially indigenous communities to empower individuals to have a go in a safe supervised environment. We are also looking forward to Red Poppy becoming a brand synonymous with products being sold to benefit students and communities.