Time is flying in this first term of the Grow Programme. Our next step for our micro business is to understand company structure and how each department depends on other departments. Key point here – clear lines of communication and clear lines of responsibilities.

By Now we have captured our market research data and we can invite open discussion on where we can recognise trends. We can almost visualise our customer. We understand what is like to motivate them to use our products. We can do this in a casual meeting and begin refining decisions on product choice and graphics, considering logistics for handling stock.

At this point it is good to begin to start building relationships with key partners who can assist in sales and distribution. For Example, Parents and Friends Organisations, sporting clubs and community groups. Now is the time to think about verbal communication skills, emails writing skills and personal presentation for meetings.

Another consideration – your corporate image. Have you considered a uniform image for your micro business – perhaps a simple as a T shit or cap to reflect your logo and mission statement.
We love to see the students get excited about developing their company, planning for future activities, and using individual skills working in collaboration under one entity. Well done Callahan College